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Hi there this is Colin Taylor please read thye atach file to tell you about Global Pet Grooming . And please take the time to go to our mystyle section and make your own page for the world to see . All the best Colin Taylor

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Colin Taylor and Heidi Anderton LCGI are pleased to present to you www.globalpetgrooming.com
Launched at Crufts 2008 this website revolutionises the world for the pet groomer and pet stylist for education and interaction.
Global Pet Grooming boasts more educational facilities on the one website than any other in the world, with its My Style Pages where groomers can compose their own pages and show off their own work for all to view to the on-line seminars that brings new and time saving techniques and equipment to the comfort of your own home.

Colin and Heidi said We have set up Global Pet Grooming as a central meeting place for like minded groomers around the world who want to learn, share and educate.

Coaching for our rising stars is another unique sector of the website, Heidi and Colin will be sharing their secrets with competitive stylists and directing them to gold. You can watch their progress at Global Pet Grooming.

Global Pet Grooming will also stage online competitions every month from the best before and after pictures to the most fashionable groomer. Melissa Verplank-the author of Notes from the Grooming Table and her husband Mark will judge the very first competition at the end of March 2008.

Finally education has arrived in a form for everybody to easily further their skills in the passion they have chosen as their career.

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