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The Great Light & Sound Creative Dog Grooming Show At Pet Expo Thailand 2009
Starwood proudly presents the most spectacular show under International Dog by Daylife and Creative at Pet Expo Thailand 2009
This year Starwood Grooming School (certified by the Ministry of Education) by Mr. Sathit will be presenting another extravaganza show under new concept International Dog by Daylife & Creative. The show will portrait the theme of national dog a perfect combination of creative idea between grooming and coloring, plus animal fashion show that has never yet been organized it before!

I would like to convey the new concept directly to the audience by beginning with the Thai contemporary modern dance performing by the real locally-looking presenters in Thai traditional costume called Ta-Beng-Marn. This traditional dress is equipped with ancient swords and uniquely way of putting it on. Human model will be put on white Ta-Beng-Marn dress holding a Lan-An dog-breed Mr. Sathit narrates.
Howd it be nice to see a young royal Chinese-looking model holding a Peking breed? This will depict a decent scene of a young girl in white dress with a dog in a Dragon dress. Moreover, since the Eiffel Tower representing France, my idea is to have such tower on a Poodle to represent their national dog. Even for Korea, a dance concept will be applied to models according to the currently-in-trend Korean Dance Girl-Band, Wonder Girls Nobody, Mr.Sathit emphasizes.
Out-of-the-world concept from the Starwood will be applicable and made-real by their world-renowned team of Pet Stylists who had already displayed such concept at the Pet Fashion Week in New York back in 2007.
To suit such concept, the organizer has prepared the Activity Stage so grand to welcome more than 40 models both humans and mans best friends at Pet Expo Thailand 2009 during 23-26 July 2009 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. The show itself will be on stage on Saturday 25 July 2009 from 14.00 hrs.
For more information, please contact N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd. at +66 2 203-4281-3, or e-mail: petexpo@Qsncc.com, or visit www.petexpothailand.net.

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