About Us

STARWOOD POODLES was firstly involved with Thailand’s dog contests in 1994 by Sathit Suratphiphit or Khun Ja who personally loves poodles and has bred them for more than 20 years.
Sathit began from a small thing on the road of poodles’ contests by travelling to England just to search for one with champion blood. The main purpose was not that about bringing the English champion directly to the contests. It was only about bringing the first poodle, STARWOOD LIPS MACKER, from Mr. D. A. Barker who a famous British Poodle Breeder.
MACKER is a male poodle with standard blood. He is the son of CH. APEX STARWOOD AVALANCHE with the blood of AM. CH. TREBOR OF AHS T-BILL that was imported by Mr. D.A. Baker to breed with CH. STARWOOD STAR WITH A KISS which is the real English Poodle Blood.
Macker’s experience in contests with us was started together with being STARWOOD POODLES. On the road of contests, we have participated and learned things in order to promote our skills and experience. We have tried so far to gather poodles with different bloods from various places to improve the quality of each generation. This has been done together with an expectation that it will lead us to the success in poodle competitions.
Eventually, an award of Thailand Champion belonged to MACKER within short period of time for contests. Our story is not completed only at this stage. We have bred and improved our domestic poodles to be many champions in many following contests. We have used only the poodles with champion blood from many places such as U.S.A. and Taiwan. We do not use any of poodle champions from overseas in the contests.
Regarding the prizes for Top Toy Poodle of the Year 1999-2001, they were awarded to many generations of our poodle champions. For TH. CH. STARWOOD LIPS MACKER, he won Top Min. Poodle of the Year 1999-2000. In 2000, MACKER gained the highest score, and won Top Non - Sporting Group No. 2. He, of course, could reach to the Best in Show Round for 4 times in that year. He was recognized as the first poodle in Thailand with this progress and success.
Our prides have arisen every time when people mention about poodles. They will have to think of us even though we have not yet reached to the goal, as called by everyone, ‘The Star.... Best In Show’.
Any beautiful and smart poodles we love and take very good care of have surely meant our present lives and minds of being STARWOOD POODLES.
If, in one day of your life, you were the owners and had touched with our poodles with contest experience, we thought that you would love them as we do.
We are so proud to be the top poodle breeder. We, with our lovely poodles, are the best showing, winning, and grooming in Thailand.